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officer has been on the run since last week when he allegedly shot and killed three people including a police officer. >> enough is enough. it's time to turn yourself in. it's time to stop the bloodshed. it's time to let this event and let this incident be over. >> reporter: big bear is about 100 miles east of l.a. in the mountains. authorities have been searching the area since dorner's burned- out truck was located there. dorner threatened warfare against the lapd. he is seeking revenge for being fired in 2008. back out live outside of big bear california, you can see the cabin there is still on fire. authority have set up roadblocks. police are searching each vehicle as they leave in case. there is no word on the condition of the second deputy. he is in surgery. live in los angeles, edward lawrence, back to you. >> at last report they weren't confirming that it was dorner or that he was in the cabin. has it been confirmed? >> at this point, they are
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just saying it's likely that it's him. nobody has seen him but they believe it's christopher dorner in the cabin. but again, nobody has seen him so they will not come out and say for sure that this is him. however, the san bernardino sheriff was out just about 30 minutes ago or so and he said that they believe that this is christopher dorner or they believe that the description matches christopher dorner. >> matches dorner. >> nobody has seen him. >> okay. edward lawrence, thank you. reporter carter evans found himself in the middle of the gun battle between authorities and the man they believe to be dorner. this was his report as those shots rang out. >> authorities have told us we need to stay low for our safety. moments ago we were caught in the middle of this gunfire between christopher dorner and authorities. we're told that two deputies have been hit by that gunfire, their condition unknown but take a look on the other side of the -- [ inaudible ] you can see police and s.w.a.t. team just a little bit down the
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road. they have dorner cornered in a cabin right now. they are preparing to move in but it is unknown exactly how they are going to go about that at this point. time is on authorities' side. they have shot tear gas inside the building and we haven't heard any gunfire for some time. . [ more gunfire ] >> that was reporter carter evans' exclusive report. he is cornered armed and desperate making christopher dorner especially dangerous. linda yee reports where a former san francisco police chief is following the events
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in big bear as they unfold. >> reporter: yes, he was. anthony was the police chief here in san francisco in the early 1990s. now together we kind of watched some of that coverage of what was going on as the events were unfolding in the big bear region. the chief says the things cops had as we have been hearing was time. that's why they waited him out even though they knew he was in the cabin. there was no reason to rush it because it was too dangerous. now that the cabin is burning, the police all they have was two key things that they had to do, when they had to face a heavily armed suspect like dorner who is barricaded inside the cabin. >> they have to get an airtight perimeter with no avenue of escape. second is prioritizing officer say. the man has apparently taken three lives already, perhaps more. we don't want any more officers
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hurt. >> reporter: and if this had dragged on through the evening, of course technology would have allowed the cops to not only get infrared but to get night vision goggles and hearing devices so they could see or hear him. now is going to be a waiting game, liz. police have no choice but to wait until that cabin burns out. >> thank you. again, here's what we know so far. late this afternoon, police fired tear gas into the cabin where they believe they had renegade ex-cop christopher dorner pinned down. earlier there was a gun battle. one deputy shot and killed, another wounded. dorner is already charged with killing three people including a police officer, the daughter of his union representative and her fiance. we have live coverage of the developing story on our website, and stay with kpix 5 and cbs news for the very latest in the manhunt for christopher dorner. well, certainly the other big story tonight, for all intents and purposes, president
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obama's second term begins in about one hour. that's when he will deliver his state of the union address. giving us an idea of his agenda for the next four years and the resistance on capitol hill. >> mr. president! >> we'll find out tonight. >> reporter: no hints from the man himself but it's clear that tonight's speech will focus primarily on improving the economy and creating jobs. >> everyone will see that if we work together that we really will have a robust future. we can build the middle class. >> reporter: on the opposite side of the aisle it's an appetite for deficit reduction and spending cuts. >> a second term offers a second chance. and if the president wants to regain the credibility he has lost over the last four years on each of these issues, he will start tonight. >> reporter: and an indication of america's bitterly divided politics, the president's speech will be followed by two responses. an official republican response from florida senator marco
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rubio and rebuttal to that rebuttal from kentucky senator rand paul on behalf of the tea party. joining us now, kpix 5 five political analyst joe tuman. thanks for joining us. >> nice to see you. >> cbs put out polling numbers today approval rating of the president 52% overall but when it comes to the economy, that drops to 45. >> 47% disapproval on the economy. that says people are happy with him overall but where the economy is concerned they are less than thrilled. now, if you are the president that's troubling. but in those numbers disapproval for congress is stronger, disapproval at 14% to 77% disapproval for congress. so where this is concerned, congress has more at stake i guess because they had midterm elections in 2014 not the president but he needs them to cooperate with them because jobs are what it's all about the economy is what matters look for that in tonight's
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speech. >> no love on the hill. >> moving beyond the economy, we are going to have a teacher that survived the sandy hook elementary shooting and afghanistan war veteran what you would call a "dream act" student apple ceo tim cook and flight director for the mars curiosity rover. what does that mean for the president's message. these people are visual props for a speech. these are the kinds of people everybody even the republicans will be grumpy will stand up and clap for when the president points them out. they give a pass city, of some of the things he would like to accomplish in the second term. i don't know that gun control will happen right now. his own party is fighting him on that. discount that. for the other people they are part of the president's message about jobs. a lot has to do with innovation. clearly education teaching people the kind of skills you will need to bring matching and innovation jobs back to this country, look for the president to talk about that for the second term. >> thank you. military families will be listening closely to president obama's state of the union address tonight. they are concerned about their
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loved ones in a war zone. kpix 5 reporter len ramirez is in san jose where he met with military families. len. >> reporter: exactly right, elizabeth. there is a lot on the president's agenda but military families hope that what the president talks about tonight will also remind people like this memorial here in downtown san jose that there are men and women all over the world right now serving in harm's way. jackie flies the flag in fronts of her sunnyvale home and has a bluestar in the window. >> my son is sergeant joseph josch and he has been in armor with tanks his whole career. >> reporter: she will be watching president obama's state of the union speech tonight with special attention to anything about north korea's nuclear testing. >> which my son the boots on the ground, it's a fear. >> reporter: the sergeant is married with two children and has served two tours of duty in iraq. today he is deployed to south
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korea. >> it's a fear that they could make a mistake and the place could just blow up. i would like to hear obama talk with the north koreans. in a perfect world, bring them all home. >> reporter: goldstar mom karen meredith knows she won't hear that tonight but she hopes to hear more troops will be coming home. she doesn't want other mothers to have to go through her heartbreak. her son lieutenant ken ballard was killed in iraq nine years ago. >> i hear the president will be announcing 34,000 troops will be coming out of afghanistan. we don't know where they go next. so it's not like they're probably coming home. >> reporter: she also hopes the president addresses veterans issues like mental and physical health, housing and jobs, and also reminds america that sacrifices are still being made. >> people need to remember that we're still fighting a war. >> reporter: and we are told that the president will announce that major troop withdrawal that will continue through well into next year as well as condemn north korea for
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its nuclear testing. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. the president will address the nation at 6:00 tonight. you can watch it right here on kpix 5 followed by a special edition of kpix 5 news. we are a civil country, and we don't just bump your other pets. but we're doing it to our horses. >> inside california's horse auctions as one group fights to save them from slaughter. we find out how easy it is for a horse to get lost in the system. a kpix 5 undercover exclusive. >> and a big boulder move. the heavy equipment brought into the devil's slide construction site. >> this is typically the heart of our rainy season, not this year. 40 of the past 43 days have either been partly or mostly sunny including today. how long do we stay sunny? the answer in your forecast, sunny right there, next.
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yesterday afternoon. investigators say the 14-year-old boy was headed to
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basketball practice when he was new details tonight about the concord teenager hit by a car yesterday afternoon. investigators say the 14-year- old boy was headed to basketball practice when he was struck crossing solano way. he is now at oakland children's hospital in critical condition. police say the teen was in a crosswalk when he was hit. the driver of the car is cooperating. dozens of firefighters tackled an apartment fire in concord this morning. when it was over, six families had lost their homes. that two-alarm fire began in an upstairs apartment on tioga street. the fire started around 7 a.m. and one woman says it was a very scary way to wake up for her and her 2-year-old daughter. >> it was miserable. we were sleeping and then i'm just -- i heard some banging on the door. i opened my door to the second floor and saw this huge fire right in front of us. >> no injuries were reported. but the apartment where that fire started is destroyed. another heavily damaged. by the way the total damage estimated at $400,000. heavy lifting is happening
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at devil's slide. the big boulder move that's happening at the construction site. >> and the kpix 5 exclusive, we go inside horse auctions to find out how often horses are sent to slaughter and we take you on one group's mission to save them.
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dorner is now centered on a burning so back to the breaking news out of southern california. the massive manhunt for christopher dorner is centered on a burning cabin near big bear. the fugitive ex-cop is believed to be holed up inside. a gun battle did erupt earlier this afternoon and one deputy was shot and killed. another has been wounded. the cabin is in the remote angeles oaks area near big bear. it erupt in flames a short time ago after a s.w.a.t. team apparently went in. it's unclear what's happening inside the cabin right now. as we get the information, we will bring it to you. progress is being made on the devil's slide tunnels in san mateo county. today construction crews used a helicopter to carry rocks over the tunnel and stabilize one of the slopes on the south side. crews were trying to avoid damage to sensitive plants and habitat. locals we have talked to have mixed feelings about the tunnel
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opening soon. >> it's needed for all of the people who have businesses here just for -- to bring property values up. >> i love my small hometown vehicle and i'm just hoping that's not going to change -- vibe and i'm hoping that's just not going to change with the new influx of outsiders. >> last year caltrans pushed back the opening of the tunnel to sometime the beginning of this year. today they said the opening is on track for early 2013. all good stuff and the weather really is all good stuff. but i hate to sound like a broken record. we need the rain but we like what we got. >> it's hard. a and b as an option. we'll just take this right now and enjoy the sunshine and hope the rain comes somewhere down the pipeline. there is some rain in the extended forecast. wait until you see that in a second. peek outside right now sunshine but a couple of degrees cooler yesterday. livermore 57, san jose 57. that's that beautiful day outside. santa rosa 59. san francisco the cool spot at 52. another chilly night tonight but not a freeze.
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livermore you will drop down to 35. concord 36. san rafael 36. and santa rosa you will hit 35 degrees early tomorrow morning. the storm track is still well to our north. it's raining now in western washington. it's raining at the coast in oregon but nowhere close to us. all we have to worry about is a big dome of high pressure that will keep us dry for the next several days. with a northwest wind which we have had and will have through tomorrow, temperatures are limited if you will to the low to mid-60s. things will change on thursday and friday. the winds will turn more northeast, more of an offshore wind combined with sunshine and stronger area of high pressure many of you will hit 70 for the first time this year coming up on thursday but more likely friday. next week low pressure moves in showers by the end of the week. rest of the week dry. sunnyvale 64. palo alto 64. it's all about the sunshine for
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pittsburg, san ramon, low 60s. 59 downtown san francisco tomorrow. look at thursday and friday. this is february?! valentine's day near 70 degrees. the heat is on. over the weekend cooler on sunday and president's day sunshine low 60s. it's going to be beautiful. >> the roses are going to wilt. >> that's a problem. you have to buy 2 dozen. >> there you go. thank you. next a kpix 5 undercover exclusive. we go inside horse auctions to fine out how often horses are sent out of the country to slaughter and we take you on one group's mission to save them. and kpix 5 is the official television station for the new bay bridge opening celebration. a live look at the eastern span of the new bay bridge as we count down to opening day. >> and tonight tune into spanning the future, the new bay bridge, at 10:30 right here on kpix 5 as we look ahead to the labor day closure and the grand opening plans.
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what's that? when i take a picture
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of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. mislabeled as beef has led to
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supermarkets in dozens of european countries pulling meals a growing scandal involving horse meat mislabeled as beef has led to supermarkets in dozens of european countries to pull meals from their shelves and two slaughterhouses suspected of selling that meat were raided in england and wales. the british food agency seized all the meat found at the slaughters houses and is new investigating. the u.s. does export horses for slaughter. and most end up on dining tables in europe and china. >> california bans those exports. but some activists say that ban isn't working. in a kpix 5 exclusive, we go undercover at local horse auctions to find out where these horses go and how some are dedicating their lives to save them. it's a busy night at the auction. horses are on the block and they are going keep that. 50 to $100 even former racehorses like rhino u bought
5:22 pm
by a person who runs a shelter for horses. >> he was injured. he has a fractured knee. he was no longer useful to the industry so he was dumped. >> reporter: just months before the 2-year-old thoroughbred was racing at golden gate fields. >> quite typical for someone to spend $100,000 or a horse, race it a few times and if it's not performing just make it disappear. if they are lucky they make it to an actual person who wants to help them and retrain them but most times they go straight on to slaughter. >> reporter: the group horse plus has rescued over 2500 horses in the past decade. many of them racehorses that she finds dumped at auction. because livestock auctions are where horse traders known as killer buyers go, to snap up horses for pennies on the dollar. >> it's highly likely that kill buyers are going to scoop up horses at auction. >> reporter: sheryl jacobson with the humane society of the
5:23 pm
united states says it's known as the slaughter pipeline, through auction houses the horse then trucked to feed lots and from there, to slaughterhouses in canada and mexico. >> by the time they are being off-loaded from the trucks at the slaughterhouses, they are not in good condition. they have long transportation times without food, water and rest. >> reporter: she says even california horses protected by law from slaughter quietly disappear into the pipeline. simply by crossing first into neighboring states where exporting for slaughter is legal. >> it's very easy to get around. >> reporter: we found no one monitoring the auctions either. the department of agriculture requires auctions like this one in turlock to keep their records. but they are not required to release their transactions to the state and the state told us they don't have the budget for inspection. on the night we visited the auction, we noticed one person who appeared to be an employee buying up most of the horses for sale. the auction's owner turned down
5:24 pm
our request for an interview. but confirmed the person is his employee an does buy a lot of horses. he told us it's their business what they do with them. so what about rhino u? like all thoroughbreds he has a tattoo that auction houses are supposed to keep records of. so we wanted to know who brought him in. the auction owner refused to show us his records. for the rescue group it's all very frustrating. >> it's just swept under the rug and no one cares. we are a civil country and we don't just butcher our pets but we do it to our horses. >> there is no documented evidence of killer buyers buying horses at the auction we attended but meanwhile, the employee denies sending horses to slaughter but admits selling horses on the internet. tonight at 11:00, what some racetracks are doing to save horses from slaughter. we'll be right back.
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reports that a single shot was back to our breaking news. these are live images coming out of southern california near an area near big bear mountain. there are reports that a single shot was heard inside the remote mountain cabin where fugitive ex-cop christopher dorner is believed to be hiding out. shortly before it then burst into flames. a s.w.a.t. team went inside. but so far, it's still unclear what they found. we're live streaming coverage from los angeles on our
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website, and scott pelley will have the latest on the "cbs evening news" next. >> and a quick reminder, the president's state of the union address will be carried live right here on kpix 5 immediately following the "cbs evening news." then that will be followed boy a special edition of kpix 5 news at 7:30. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. and remember, the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado deadly gunfire and a house on fire in the mountains of southern california. the police move in on a fired la cop, wanted in a series of revenge killings. carter evans has the breaking news. a major withdrawal of u.s. forces from afghanistan. we will preview the president's an announcement that will come in tonight's state of the union. major garrett is at the white house. charlie d'agata in afghanistan.
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her parents will be with the first lady tonight. her alleged killers are in jail. dean reynolds on the shooting death of hadiya pendleton. and the taliban robbed afghanistan of its musical soul, but he is bringing it back. >> we can speak in a common language of humanity, which is the language of music. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting tonight from washington. this a special western edition. >> the most wanted man in california fired lapd officer christopher dorner apparently is surrounded tonight in a burning home in the mountains of san bernadino county east of los angeles. dorner was discovered by fish and game officers a little after noon local time gunbattles followed and two sheriff

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